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Radon is a radioactive gas that is part of our environment.   As the naturally-occurring uranium in the soil breaks down, it releases radon gas.  Outdoors, radon dissipates harmlessly, however it can collect in low, enclosed places in the ground, like your basement , where it seeps through undetected.  Every home in Canada has some radon, but concentrations vary from one house to another -- even if they are next door to each other.


You can't see, smell or taste radon.  You and your family can be exposed to radon without knowing it.  Inhaled over a long period of time, radon is the second most common cause of lung cancer after smoking.  If you are a smoker, and there is exposure to high levels of radon, the risk of lung cancer is much higher.  However, you can protect yourself and your family from radon by measuring the radon level in your home, and taking action to reduce it, if necessary.  


Radon detectors can measure the level in your home.  You can buy a do-it-yourself Radon Kit at our Store for $50.00.  The instructions will tell you where to place the device to get the most accurate result.  After 91 days you would send off the device for analysis.  Please allow two weeks for the kit to get to the lab and two weeks for results.  If the Radon reading comes back  below the Canadian Guideline of 200 becquerels per cubit metre, no action is necessary, however if your reading comes back higher that 200 bql/c2 them a mitigation game plan should be put in place.  


Although a long term measurement is more accurate, for $250.00 we can send out our specialist to do a short term test for immediate results.  The short term device will stay in your home for up to 5 days and will give you an idea of where your radon levels are at that time.  Depending on the test result, you may decide to follow up with a mitigation game plan or decide to do a more accurate test and set up a long term 91 day long term device.  This device would be included in the $250.00 and our specials would recommend a location to place it.  After 91 days your may choose to send it to the lab yourself or bring it in to us to send off and we could follow up with you once results are determined.



Long-Term 91 day Device
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Long-Term 91 day Device
Short-Term Device
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