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Radon Specialists

What Our Radon Specialists Want You to Know

Radon is a serious concern for homeowners in Canada. Our BC radon specialists are sure to answer all of your questions about radon build-up in your home.

Here are a few of the things that we wanted you to know.

Can Radon Affect My Health?

Yes. Radon has a proven link with increased instances of lung cancer. The longer you're exposed to radon, and the higher the level of exposure, the greater your odds of developing lung cancer are. These risks are especially high for children, people with co-occurring medical conditions, and smokers.

How Does Radon Get Into My Home?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that develops within the bedrock and soil beneath your house. Our homes naturally have a lower air pressure than the soil beneath us. When homes vent some of their internal pressure either through air conditioning systems, clothing dryers, or other causes, radon can seep up from the soil and into our homes.

We offer radon mitigation services that can help you prevent radon from entering your home.

Can I Test For Radon Myself?

Yes. We can supply you with a 90-day test that will give you an accurate understanding of the radon levels in your home. After this test has been in your home for 90 days, you can send it to a lab that will be able to analyze the results. If your radon levels are above-established tolerance levels for homes in Canada, our radon specialists can help you develop a mitigation plan.

We can also assist you with a short-term test that will get you a quicker picture of the radon levels in your home. Our radon specialists are located near Prince George and can travel to your home to assist you and conduct this test.

Get in touch with Northern Capital Radon ServicesNorthern Capital Radon Services today to learn more about how you can keep your family safe from radon and how our specialist can help.

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